With more and more dog owners feeding raw meat to their dogs, there’s a growing concern of dogs transferring potential pathogenic bacteria to humans by kissing people in the face immediately after eating.

However, Jason Tetro, host of the Super Awesome Science Show, believes that the chance of humans getting sick from a dog’s kiss is very low.

“Upon ingesting these foods, the saliva of the dogs will produce immune molecules which will help prevent the spread of these particular bacteria,” Tetro said on the show.

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True dog-love waits

So while bacteria could really be present in a dog’s saliva right after eating raw meat, the bugs and the risk that comes with them will only be around for a few hours. So, you just need to wait for a while before you kiss your dog again.

And with that being said, patience is a must. Some things are worth the wait, my friend.

Only through blood

In the show, Tetro added that the only sure way that a dog can transfer bacteria to a human is through blood. So, if you are on the process of recovering from an open wound, having it licked by a dog is a not a good idea, especially if your fur buddy just ate a piece of raw meat. There’s no way for the bacteria to enter your bloodstream through a kiss unless you have a sore in your mouth.

Practice proper hygiene

But while you are safe from getting sick through your dog’s kiss, your dog may not be safe from yours. People can easily transfer bacteria to dogs because of poor hygiene. This is why you should always scrub and wash your hands after handling your dog’s raw food. You should also watch out for any contamination of the surrounding area. You should worry more about your dog getting sick from poor food handling than you being sick because of your dog’s kiss.



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