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People have different preferences. This includes which pet to prefer between a dog or a cat. Annie Smith is no stranger to this as she prefers a cat over a dog. For her, it does not mean that she prefers cats, then she already hates dogs. She finds joy in petting a cat.

But her preference changed when she visited a local animal shelter. Initially, she wanted to adopt a new cat. At home, Annie already has four other cats. But when she heard that there are too many cats in need of a new home, Annie responded.

On her way to the animal shelter, Annie was already thinking about what kind of cat to adopt. She said that she has no specific breed in mind. What is essential for her is to provide the cat with a new and loving environment.

When she arrived at the animal shelter, she was told by the volunteers that the cats were already brought to another animal shelter the day before she visited. While she was disappointed with this development, Annie could not do anything but to accept.

The volunteers, however, told Annie that she might want to adopt a dog instead. Annie explained to the volunteers that she prefers cats over dogs. But when Annie saw a floppy-eared pooch, her opinion about dogs change.

Annie asked the details about the pooch because she is interested in knowing the dog. The volunteers introduced Annie to the pooch, and there Annie learned that the dog’s name is Robert. His former owners have recently abandoned Robert for reasons still unknown.

After Annie processed all the needed documents for Robert’s adoption, Annie brought the pooch home. At home, Annie introduced Robert to her four cats. Although at first, Robert was hesitant to make friends with the cats, Annie was able to persuade him.

Credits to Funky Smile.

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