Almost every city in the world has homeless dogs wandering the streets. The sad thing about stray dogs is that they are unable to take care of themselves and end up becoming unhealthy. You’ll find that most homeless dogs are very skinny, dirty, and very shy or scared to interact with humans.

A woman named Jing traveled to Mexico for work. She was with a group of workmates and decided to go to a local pub for a taco night and a few drinks. This was when Jing first saw Vida, the stray dog.

When Jing first saw Vida, Vida was really skinny and obviously very hungry. She was in rough shape, and Jing felt pity for her. The restaurant staff used a broom to scare her out of the restaurant, but Jing asked the staff to stop scaring the dog away. She took a closer look at Vida and saw that one of her back legs was injured. Vida was limping and was in pain.

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Vida was unsure of the people around her at first, but she seemed to be comfortable around Jing. Jing eventually decided to take Vida to the vet the next day and have her treated. Eventually, Vida became much closer to Jing and started giving her licks and kisses.

Jing knew that she could never leave Mexico without Vida. However, flying her back to the United States proved to be very complicated. Thankfully, everyone wanted to help Jing and Vida.

Jing found a foster home for Vida, who will take care of her until she gets healthy for a few weeks. Eventually, Vida became healthy enough to be flown to the US. Jing also sorted out all the needed paperwork for Vida to be allowed entry into the country.

Jing and Vida were reunited in San Francisco, and Vida couldn’t be happier. As soon as Vida saw Jing, she couldn’t stop wagging her tail. It took a little time for Vida to get used to in a new environment and home. Eventually, Vida started to show more of her loving personality every single day.

Thanks to Jing, Vida is living a new life. From being a sick stray dog in Mexico, Vida is now living in a forever home with a loving family in the US. Here’s a heartwarming video of Vida’s rescue.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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