Lisa Chiarelli, head rescuer of the nonprofit group Frankie, Lola, and Friends, was on her way to work when she spotted a black Pitbull by a dumpster. Quickly, she pulled over, and she tried to get close to the dog. But when she approached, it turned its back and walked away.

The rescuer drove around the area but she could no longer find the dog. It disappeared out of nowhere and she had no idea where it went. She went home disappointed but she decided to go back the next day hoping she’d see it again.

As she expected, Lisa saw the pup, and this time, she carefully took her chance. She slowly gained its trust by offering it food and lots of tasty treats. When she saw an opportunity, she decided it was time to capture the dog.

With the help of a friend, Lisa set up a humane trap. But unexpectedly, the cage’s trapping mechanism failed and the dog escaped. Since then, the dog feared her and it no longer wanted to be around her.

Even after what happened, Lisa continued her work. She then set up a feeding station for the dog she later on named Xena, paid it a visit 2-3 times each day, and waited for it to feel comfortable with her again. She couldn’t fail again so she took every step with extra care.

On the 21st day, Lisa tried one more time, and thankfully, the trap worked. All her efforts paid off. She and her friend were able to secure Xena at long last.

Lisa was the happiest, but she knew her work was far from over. She continued to visit Xena at the rescue center, and within a month, she saw huge development with the dog. Xena was ready for a new home.

Black Pitbulls are usually the toughest to be adopted, but not Xena. She stole the heart of her new mom in an instant, even her human sisters adored her from the very start.

Credits: Instagram@Xena The Warrior Puppy and The Dodo

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