Adopting dogs means adding another member to your family. Unfortunately, not all people think that dogs deserve to be treated humanely. Some people only see dogs as animals that can guard their property. These animals are raised to become aggressive, and they’re often abused or neglected by their owners.

A dog named Butchy was picked up as a stray along with his sibling by animal control. He and his brother had been wandering the streets of Sydney for several months they were brought to the animal shelter. Butchy is a big dog and has trouble interacting with humans.

Big dogs are considered dangerous in Australia, and Butchy was already on the list to be euthanized. Thankfully, a woman named Pascale stumbled across an animal rescue group’s Facebook page. After contacting the rescue group, Pascale was asked which dog she wanted to adopt. Pascale replied that she didn’t want a specific dog but wanted one that needed love the most.

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The animal rescue group responded immediately and recommended Butchy. They stated that Butchy struggled in the animal shelter and desperately needed a home. Pascale accepted and adopted Butchy.

Pascale stated that Butchy and his brother were raised as guard dogs on a property, which wasn’t Butchy’s personality at all. She thinks that Butchy and his brother escaped or were thrown out of the property by their former owners.

Butchy didn’t like people touching his head or tail, making it even more difficult for him to get adopted. However, Pascale was very patient with Butchy and gained his trust one day at a time.

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Pascale stated that watching Butchy learn to trust her and accept her into his pack was an incredible experience. She saw how Butchy evolved into a trusting and loving dog.

Butchy became one of the happiest dogs in the world. He spent a lot of time going on adventures with Pascale. Although he can be a little stubborn, he’s still the source of Pascale’s greatest joy. Here’s a video featuring Butchy’s story and how he inspired Pascale to help animals in need.

Video Source GeoBeats Animals via YouTube

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