When the first snowfall arrives, most of us tend to stay in our homes to escape the cold temperatures. And, if we ever go out during a snowy night, we wrap ourselves in layers of clothing to keep us warm.

Yet, one fun-loving Frenchie prefers to run energetically across the snowy ground. It seems not even the coldness of the air can’t stop the doggo from having its version of wintry fun.

Wow! It’s snowing!

In this fun footage, a black-furred French Bulldog stands on the snowy ground. At first, you’ll think the dog’s merely curious with the white powder on its feet.

But, the Frenchie soon begins running across the snowy ground, not minding how cold its feet feel. The canine carries on with its sprinting spree until it reaches the nearby grove of trees.

With the way it looks, this Frenchie loves the feel of running across freshly fallen snow. Not even fur parent can stop the pup from its fun gallivant as he merely follows the Frenchie wherever it goes.

Okay, let’s continue walking.

But, when the Frenchie “disappears” in the tree grove, fur parent walks briskly towards it to check the doggo there. And, as soon as fur parent sees that the Frenchie’s fine, he allows the pooch to explore before carrying on with their walk.

On and on the French Bulldog goes, eager to see every corner of the area they’re in. Yet, all the walking tires the doggo out as it chooses to take a breather.

But, such a break only lasts for a few seconds as the Frenchie again slowly trudges across the snowy ground. Yet, no matter how determined the doggo is, it decides to make a pit stop and just revel in the slow patter of the snow.

Do you think fur parent finds a way to convince the Frenchie to carry on with their snowy walk? Stay tuned and watch what fur parent’s doing next through the link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube 

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