Some people hope to find their true love at an early age. Some would dream of finding the one for them while they are still young. This is what happened to Liz and Mike Haslam locals of Suffolk, England.

The two met in the late 80s when Liz was 16 and Mike was 20. Things started moving fast; they decided to get married and later on, had a child.

Photo credit: Honest to Paws

As their family grew, they needed to move to a two-bedroom farmhouse by the English Countryside. With the large open space, Liz grabbed the opportunity to start a boarding kennel business. 

When Liz was a kid, her parents had incorporated the love for animals to her. Her mother used to breed West Highland Terriers, while her father owned an animal food company. Eventually, Liz followed her parents’ footsteps and their family’s passion: dogs.

She founded BedsforBullies alongside her business. She worked around the clock, rehabilitating and re-homing bull breeds that were not accepted in animal shelters. But as the number of resident dogs at the Haslam household grew, Mike’s patience started to wear out. 

One day, Mike gave Liz an ultimatum; their marriage or the dogs. Liz did not think twice. She filed for a divorce.

Photo credit: Honest to Paws

Liz said Mike knew what she wanted all this time. They have been together for 25 years, and Mike knew how much she loved dogs. She refused to sacrifice her dogs for anything.

Since then, she did not hear from his ex-husband again. Their household had welcomed more than 200 dogs, and they all were cared for by Liz. Nothing could stop her.

After 18 months of being single, Liz’s terriers grew to a total of 40. Most of them are with special needs. Although she is being of the supported by fellow animal lovers through, caring for such number of dogs has been a handful for Liz. On average, she spends 18 hours a day looking after them, feeding and grooming them.

On top of that, Liz’s landlord got fed up with all the dogs too and decided to develop the area, evicting Liz and the dogs. She was given a year to leave the property. Despite the challenges, Liz remained positive and hoping that things will turn around eventually.  

Thanks to Honest to Paws for sharing us this story.

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