Brooklyn and Daisy are two adorable dogs that are very much loved by their human mom. As proof of just how much she adores them both, she has devoted her time to maintaining an Instagram and a TikTok account for them. Here,  she creates videos showing how she pampers and showers her pups with love.

Brooklyn is a precious German shepherd and Daisy is a cute border collie. It seems that the pair enjoy the spa days and makeovers their mom lovingly offers on a regular basis.

For the record, the woman never uses real makeup on them. As we all know, human makeup shouldn’t be tested on dogs. That would be cruel!  Nevertheless, dogs are already way too gorgeous and cute for any makeup.

To make the whole spa experience luxurious, she uses all sorts of branded brushes and blenders. She also has a handful of safe beauty tools to pat on her two dogs’ faces.

As their pampering session goes on, both Brooklyn and Daisy are showered with compliments and sweet words from their mom. You can definitely hear in the video how their mom uses her soothing playful voice.

If you think you’ve seen enough cuteness, think again! The two pooches are also allowed to make their own requests. They can choose which palette, highlighter, or how much bronzer they want for their look.

And there’s one more thing that makes their spa session more adorable: they even choose their own fashionable outfits!

Their spa session videos have gone trending with viewers all over the world commenting how entertaining it is to watch them.

Since the pair have a lot of videos,  below is a compilation of their fun makeovers.

Watch their mom’s clever technique in keeping them entertained through the video below.

Source: Lydia Christine via Youtube

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