Cats and our furry dogs are known for not getting along well. Some of them become the best of friends while others don’t. Those who don’t get along well would rather chase and tease each other. Moments like this are when they can put on a show that is worthy of a viral video. And this has been proven just like the video you are about to watch.

Take this video of a dog and a cat not getting along well. Despite not having the best friendship, they have still made a lot of viewers happy through their viral video.

The video starts with the dog and cat, standing in the living room. In the middle of these two is a toy tube. The dog, wanting so much to catch the furry cat, tried his best to move fast and chase it. But little did the canine know that the cat was smarter than he thought.

The cat hurriedly ran into one of the holes of the tube,  trying to hide from the naughty dog. The dog, being so alert and attentive, hurriedly pounded on the tube. It’s as if he is trying to grasp the cat hiding under it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t notice that the cat had escaped from the tube. He kept on pounding on each side of the tube to search for the cat until he managed to bury his face in one hole to check if it was still inside. The owner filming the video was laughing as she saw her poor dog was actually searching for nothing.

The dog then realized that the cat was standing right behind him all this time. Because of that, he ran towards the cat and both of them continued chasing each other around the house.

Watch the video below and we know you’ll have a good laugh too.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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