Dogs are one of the most entertaining pets on earth. Each of them has some unique behavior and a one-of-a-kind personality that are just enough to melt our hearts and amuse us.

In this trending video, you will see a precious dog’s hilarious reaction to a rotating fan! Yes, no rocket science here. Just an ordinary rotating fan. This adorable pooch’s name is Boxer who loves playing with her tiny ball.

We know that most dogs have a knack for toys like tiny balls. Some of them also love dozing off or lying in cool places like in front of a fan. But Boxer’s quirky behavior made her stand out from the others.

What happened in the viral video below was that Boxer’s tiny ball rolled right in front of their rotating fan. Although a little bit afraid and hesitant, she still tried to extend her paw out to roll it back. She cautiously made a few attempts, but it seemed like a difficult task.

A few seconds later, Boxer started making some funny sighs and growls. The innocent fan was starting to annoy the pup! Poor Boxer.

But still, she was very determined to get her ball back. She kept on reaching out from one paw to another. Her owners who were secretly watching started giggling in the background as Boxer tried to solve her problem.

After a few minutes of struggle, Boxer was able to get closer and closer to her ball. With one more grunt, one more sigh, and one more attempt – alas! She made it!

When her paw touched the ball, she immediately rolled it towards her and away from the fan. She then resumed to her playtime with her ball as if nothing happened.

Don’t miss the fun and check out Boxer’s video in the clip below.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube


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