When Bacon’s previous owners couldn’t care for him anymore, they decided to surrender the Mastiff cross to Dogs Trust Kenilworth, an animal rescue and rehoming center in Honiley, England. However, the staff was unsure about his future in the shelter as not many people were interested in adopting a large breed.

Fortunately, Alex Holt and her partner, Tom Renkel, came along. The couple had recently lost their Mastiff cross named Big Dave and was looking for a new pup to fill the void he had left in their lives. Since Big Dave was from Dog Trust Kenilworth, they decided to turn to the shelter again in hopes of finding the perfect canine to take home.

That was when they spotted Bacon. As soon as Alex and Tom discovered that he was a Mastiff cross, too, they didn’t even think twice about applying to be the pup’s fur parents. After all, they were massive fans of big breeds as their first dog together was actually a Rottweiler-Mastiff mix.

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However, what really caught the couple’s attention wasn’t Bacon’s breed but his name! You see, Alex and Tom had switched to the vegan life and never looked back. When they saw Bacon’s name, they couldn’t help but giggle since the one thing they had steered clear of had made a way back into their lives again.

This didn’t put them off, though, and they went through with the adoption. Fortunately, the rehoming center approved their application right away after learning that they already had experience caring for large breed dogs like Bacon.

Emma-Jane Thomas, Dogs Trust Kenilworth’s manager, then arranged and finalized the adoption papers. And that same day, the pup went home with his new fur parents. Tom and Alex shared that they wouldn’t rename Bacon anymore as his silly name suited his silly personality just fine. Look at the adopted pup with the happy couple here.

Courtesy of Tom Renkel

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