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A not so ordinary dog named Moose has been part of Virginia Tech College for around six years. Moose is a Labrador Retriever, recognized as a dedicated dog for serving the university’s counseling department.

Along with other therapy animals in the school, Moose is a promoter of mental health awareness. The students dealing with psychological pain, behavioral issues, and other mental health problems got to see Moose for comfort and therapy. There were thousands of students and more than 7,000 counseling events that Moose had attended. The students adore all therapy dogs, but Moose was the most outstanding for changing the opposing views on mental health and shared a deeper understanding of it.

Moose is also visible in other school events such as new students’ orientation, club activities, and football games. He’s not just a therapy dog but a fun-filled dog enjoying the company of people.

Trent Davis, Moose’s owner, and a licensed counselor can affirm that the dog has a unique way of encouraging students. Moose promotes a healthy atmosphere that makes the students feel better.

Together with Class 2020, Moose attended virtual graduation where he received an award. It was indeed so admirable for a dog to receive an Honorary Degree in Veterinary Medicine. Moose deserved the recognition for his dedication to helping the school achieve its goals for its students’ well-being.

Due to the global crisis brought by Covid-19, there were some adjustments to school set-up and schedule. Students don’t have to physically go to school to avoid the spread of the virus, though it also means not seeing Moose frequently. Moose conducts his therapy sessions virtually with the students instead. Only in emergency cases where students need to see a therapy dog they can meet Moose and his owner in person.

During his free time, Moose likes to swim and play tug-of-war, and he can’t resist eating as well. Besides achieving a degree, he must be getting more goodies and recreation he truly deserves as a well-behaved dog.

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