We all know that staying at home during the outbreak of COVID-19 is essential. It stops the spread of the virus.

But our dogs don’t know that. And being cooped up inside our homes causes stress and anxiety to them.

Taking our dogs out for a walk allows them to release pent-up energy and lets them do their business. During the height of the outbreak, this was next to impossible. Lockdowns were strictly implemented, and no one was allowed to go outside.

One dog owner in Cyprus, named Vakis Demetriou, found a creative way to get over that problem. And a video showing his clever idea has gone viral.

Happy pooch

The very short video started with sound advice. It said to stay at home, so everyone is safe. It further said not to forget your dog’s happiness.

Vakis was in isolation at that time in his home. He was standing on his balcony while his pet was walking in the street in front of him. The dog looked happy as he strolled along. As usual, he was wearing his leash.

But instead of his owner holding the other end, the leash was curving up. Its end was tied to the landing gear of a drone. The pooch was not even bothered by the loud sound of the flying machine. He was smiling all throughout, glad to be out of confinement.

Vakis controlled the drone from his balcony and never let the dog out of his sight.


Thankfully, the white pooch was leash trained. He didn’t run away or pull the drone away. It would have been easy for him. A lot of people were amused by his behavior and his adorable face.

The pandemic has brought out the creative sides of so many people. But hopefully, we will always keep in mind the safety and well-being of our pets.

Source: NXD Shutter Box via Youtube

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