Traveling outside of our own country is always an exhilarating experience. We get to see new places, eat exotic food, and experience different cultures.

Apparently, we can add “adopting stray doggos” on that list. It’s nice to know that tourists who are supposed to be taking a break are willing to take on responsibilities, just like this kind-hearted couple from Germany.

In 2017, Steffen and Janin decided to see the world by traveling in a van. They named their vehicle Syncro, and they filmed their adventures in each country. They posted their footage on their Youtube channel called Syncro Travels.

While they were in Greece, they met a playful puppy who seemed to be lost. They kept the pooch for a while, thinking that the pup’s owner would come forward to claim him, but unfortunately, no one did. The couple then decided to adopt him, and they named him Luke. They also got him a European Union passport so that he could travel with them.

Since Luke joined the couple in their adventures Steffen and Janin’s van life became more fun. The couple sometimes had to drive for long periods, which can be exhausting, but Luke’s presence and silly antics always gave them a reason to smile. Steffen and Janin knew they made the right decision by adopting this lovely doggo.

But that almost came to an end when they were in Chennai, India. Janin explained that she tied Luke outside the van while they were parked because it was too hot for him to stay inside. But later that day, someone knocked on the van and told the couple that their fur baby had been stolen!

The couple was devastated. They were trying to find a doggo in a foreign country, and they didn’t have any leads. Luckily, many locals offered to help them, and they produced 7,000 fliers about Luke, which they posted all over the city. After a few days, the couple decided to move on to their next destination after getting no calls about their fur baby.

However, after 106 days, they got a call about Luke while they were in Kathmandu, Nepal. Someone found the pooch at a beach in Chennai. Steffen and Janin immediately got on a plane to recover their long-lost doggo. Tears flowed as the three were reunited, and in the video, you can even hear Luke whimpering because he missed his humans so much.

Watch the trio’s heartwarming reunion in the clip below.

Credits: The Dodo

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