Since 2016, Korean K9 Rescue has been working with local and regional dog rescue groups in South Korea to help as many dogs as they can. They rescue pups from getting butchered at the dog meat trade, pull dogs out from high-kill shelters, and pick up strays to help them find a new home. And among the countless animals they have helped is Pino.

Pino was born in the streets of South Korea. Like any other stray in the country, he had the least chance of finding a forever home. Besides the danger of being mugged for the dog meat trade, he also had special needs because he only had 3 paws.

But Pino’s unique appearance is precisely the reason why Kaitlin Spring and Mo Mirza fell in love with him. As soon as they saw his video online, they were smitten. And they knew Pino was meant to be with them.

Thanks to everyone at the rescue, Pino made it safely from South Korea to New York. And without any clue, a family was already waiting for him.

The couple immediately submitted their application to adopt the little pup. They initially thought that there’s no way they are having him. And so they were stunned when they received the notification that Pino is going home with them.

Kaitlin and Mo quickly went to Korean K9 Rescue’s center in Brooklyn, New York and signed the paperwork. That same day, they were able to bring little Pino home.

Pino’s new parents were unsure of how unstable he was at first. They were too careful not to let him run on his own for an extended period of time. But eventually, his 3 legs became stronger. And with the help of hydrotherapy, they even became sturdier.

Pino was once just a stray puppy in Korea that didn’t have a bright future. But today, he’s been blessed with a loving family. And he’s sharing that blessing by bringing joy to the people that come his way.

Credits to Korean K9 Rescue and Instagram@pinopupperino

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