A man has achieved a remarkable feat by being the first blind individual to complete a half marathon with the help of dogs. The marathon was held in New York City.

48-year-old Thomas Paneck achieved the milestone with the help of the guide dogs named Waffle, Gus, and Westley.

Thomas is the CEO and president of the organization called Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

The Labrador Retrievers who were wearing tiny shoes over their paws were taking turns while guiding Thomas through the 13.1-mile race.

Safety, hydration, and health of the dogs were ensured by the veterinary staff who were present at the event. The dogs ran around 3-5 miles, each at their own pace.

The seven-year-old Labrador Gus was the oldest member of the guide dog team, and he loves snuggling, massages, and playing with Frisbee. Gus has been Thomas’s companion for a long time, and he was also the dog accompanying Thomas while he crossed the finish line.

Thomas said that it was an emotional moment for him crossing the finish line with Gus because the pooch had been with him for quite some time.

Waffle is also a Labrador, and the two-year-old pooch is the fastest and the only female canine on the team. Waffle loves carrots, peanut butter, and snuggling.

The big black Westley is Waffle’s brother and has a penchant for DuraChew Antlers, swimming and getting his bum scratched.

Thomas said that the three dogs made up a fascinating team of canines. The team finished the race under two hours and twenty-one minutes.

Thomas used to be a keen runner, but he lost his sight during his early 20s. Thomas’s disability did not stop him from keeping on pursuing his hobby, and since the onset of his blindness, he has managed to complete 20 marathons.

Image source: Craig Barritt/Getty Images via Insider

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