Many people like dogs over cats because dogs are very active creatures. People love the fact that these furry goofballs are always looking forward to doing physical activities with them. But as you already probably know, not all dogs are the same. They have unique personalities, and that’s why we love them.

Take for example, the case of Carpet, the yellow Labrador. Carpet lives with her dad Lucho Bugallo in Argentina. Carpet and Lucho love spending time together, especially when they head out. Overall, Carpet is pretty much, just like any other dog who loves playing fetch and going on walks with their humans.

But despite this pup loving physical activities, she also knows how to take her rest seriously. We’re sure you’ve heard of the phrase “sleep like a dog.” Well, let’s just say that Carpet certainly knows how to do that, and she doesn’t let anyone interfere with her “siestas.” That is actually how she earned her name.

When she’s sleeping, Carpet is pretty much just like what her name suggests — she’s immovable. She doesn’t care what’s happening around her, and even if she’s awakened by the movements and noise in her surroundings, she will simply not move. To prove this, Lucho decided to post a video of his pup sleeping.

They were outside their house around noon time. During this time of day, Carpet usually finds a nice cool spot to have her siesta. Lucho, on the other hand, decided to some sweeping outside. Unfortunately, his sweet dog was in the way. Usually, people wouldn’t want to wake up anyone taking a nap, but not Lucho.

It seemed like this has happened before, and this dog dad knew that Carpet wouldn’t mind. So he lifted up his dog’s legs, swept the leaves under her, and then carefully set her legs down. Carpet didn’t even move a muscle! Certainly, this pup understands how important sleep is to our health.

En el interior, cuando es la hora de la siesta, es la hora de la siesta. ¡No se jode! 👉

Posted by Lucho Bugallo on Monday, 17 February 2020

Credits: Lucho Bugallo


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