It’s common for rescued dogs to be afraid of people. It’s also common for them to have no knowledge of how to act around or interact with people. Fortunately, with the proper and ample amount of care and the right amount of attention, such dogs can be transformed into social animals.

Tobi is a good example of an anti-social dog. He likes to retreat into a corner and stay there indefinitely. A woman named Britanny Linkenheimer took Tobi under foster care. During the initial meeting, Britanny struggled to get Tobi to follow her as he would pull back and resist strongly.

Doorways were extremely traumatizing for Tobi. Britanny can only imagine how hard it was for him to move out of his comfort zone. Every so often he would lie down like a pancake on the floor.

Tobi showed glimpses of behavior that suggested he wanted to engage with people. Britanny was convinced that Tobi just didn’t know how to do that. Fortunately, she had a plan that could help Tobi.

Britanny brought Tobi to a place where he can mingle with other dogs. At first, Tobi tried to find a corner like he usually does. However, he suddenly became enthusiastic at one point and started playing with the other dogs.

After a few months, Tobi got adopted by a woman named Bonita Rogozinsky. Bonita is an active biker and loved taking her dogs with her during her biking sessions. She had another dog named Clara who became good friends with Tobi.

Tobi learned how to socialize with other people and dogs. Bonita could not imagine her life without her two dogs running with her as she rides her bike. This is yet another story that proves that traumatized dogs can learn to trust again.

For more stories like these, check out the YouTube channel of The Dodo linked below. Tobi is not the only dog who recovered from some trauma. There are more dogs that got helped and are living a good life.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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