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Kids throwing temper tantrums from time to time are quite common and normal. But when a Siberian husky does the same, it is something that you don’t get to see every day or even not at all. So you would probably ask, “Is that a husky that’s throwing a fit?”

Well, he sure is. Meet Zeus, a Siberian husky who loves to throw a hilarious temper tantrum when his owner says no to bath time. While some huskies hate the idea of taking a bath regularly, this dog does not mind getting all wet as long as his skin smells and looks good always.

Zeus just could not get enough of bath time. Although he has other hobbies like playing with other dogs, getting a bath is simply his favorite past time. So, when his owner says no and tells him to do other things instead, he’d run towards the restroom, lay down in the bathtub, and make a loud howling sound as a sign of his protest.

In the video, you will see Zeus inside the bathtub and making a loud protest. His owner is telling him to come out of the tub, but he just won’t budge. He just keeps howling, hoping that his owner would give in to his woes, but his antics just won’t work.

But, Zeus is not the type who gives up quickly. The more his owner tells him to get out of the tub, the louder his howls get. He even makes persuasive eye contact with his owner as if saying, “I’ve been a good boy, so I deserve this bath time.”

But, a no is a no. The moment Zeus realizes this, he quickly goes out of the bathtub and joins the other dog in the house for some playtime instead.

Watch how this stubborn husky throws a tantrum in the video below.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube


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