In the town of Ierapetra in Crete, Grece, a man named Theoklitos Proestakis or famously known as Takis, received information about a little puppy that sat in a cardboard box outside a particular supermarket. Terrified and lonely at the same time, she cried and whined and hoped someone would come and rescue her. Thankfully, Takis did.

Takis wasted no time and hurriedly went to the given address. There, he saw her, exactly in the same spot where Good Samaritans first spotted her. He walked toward her and gently scooped her up.

As soon as she was in his arms, she felt completely safe. She relaxed and stopped crying. She seemed to understand that he was a very nice person and that he’d help her live a better life.

The rescuer took the puppy to his shelter and named her Maisie. He bathed her, fed her, and nurtured her to health. He also introduced her to the other rescue dogs once she was braver and a lot more confident.

Maisie was so excited to meet and make new friends. She wanted to play and wrestle with them even though they were five or ten times her size. She even tried to boss them around.

As days quickly passed by, the puppy started to grow in size and personality. She didn’t need to wait very long to be ready because she was in perfect shape. She needed a home because she deserved it, so soon, she began looking for one.

It didn’t take very long and this lucky little girl found her new mama. Together with two other rescue dogs from Takis Shelter, she continued to her new forever home in Rethimno, a city that’s about 100 miles outside town. She was so happy to meet her but she was more delighted when she learned that she had lots of new brothers and sisters, too.

Maisie had a tough start in life, but she was fortunate that a kind man came and turned it around. Because of Takis, she became part of one big happy family.

Credits to Takis Shelter and The Dodo


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