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This pooch named BB had a rough start at life. The dog’s former owners did not treat the dog well and even let her rot in a small cage inside a dark basement. Adding insult to the pooch, the cellar had no ventilation, so there was no fresh air entering the cramped room.

BB suffered this kind of fate for over two years. But when volunteers from the Humane Society of the United States showed up to rescue the pooch, BB knew that her suffering would end. The volunteers told the dog’s former owners that they would take the dog to the animal shelter. This is because the previous owners could not show the dog the love she deserves.

BB’s condition became apparent when a neighbor reported it, saying the dog’s former owners maltreated the poor pooch. When the volunteers arrived, they thought that BB would be hostile to them. However, the dog did not show this kind of attitude. Instead, BB allowed the volunteers to pick her up in the basement.

After rescuing the pooch, the volunteers brought BB to a local veterinarian, where she was given vaccines and vitamins. The vet said that dog needed these supplements because she is skinny for her age. The veterinarian likewise checked BB for other possible illnesses and infections. Fortunately, her thin physique is the only condition she had. Other than that, the pooch is safe from any other harm.

This was a positive development for the volunteers because all they need to do is help the pooch gain more weight. At the shelter, the pooch built a good relationship with other dogs. According to the volunteers, this is unusual, especially for dogs who got maltreated in their past environments. Nevertheless, the dog’s recovery when it comes to her emotional well-being is a good development.

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