It’s essential to train dogs while they are still puppies. It’s not ideal to have a bad habit persist until adulthood. That’s why trainers like Victoria Stilwell take puppy training very seriously.

Victoria met with a client named Elise, who has a Doberman puppy named Raven. She is just as energetic as most puppies, and she can also be very stubborn. Such characteristics made it difficult for Elise to handle her.

Victoria observed Elise when she took Raven out for a walk at the park. During that time, Raven didn’t behave badly, and she was obedient throughout the activity. However, disaster struck when Elise was about to leave the park.

When Elise was getting ready to leave, Raven started biting. At one point, she even caused a wound on Elise’s hand. Victoria was very concerned about what transpired during that observation.

On a different day, Victoria asked Elise and her boyfriend to come to the park again with Raven. This time, she introduced a training technique to make Raven feel less threatened by a leash. Every time Elise would call Raven back, she would make her sit and give her treats while holding the leash.

The goal was to make Raven feel good whenever a leash is near her. Elise became successful in putting a leash back on Raven without her resisting. However, when she ushered her to leave the park, the biting became a problem once again.

Victoria had to take over and grab Raven’s leash. Since Raven was wearing a harness, Victoria can safely pull without hurting her. As much as Victoria didn’t like applying force, she had to do so until Raven calmed down.

The trainer instructed Elise to use the harness and leash to keep Raven at a distance. Eventually, Raven understood what was happening and gave up trying to bite Elise. After Victoria left, Elise managed to continue the training and curb Raven’s bad habit.

Video courtesy of It’s Me or The Dog via YouTube.


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