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Anette Targowski has a keen eye for tragedy as she was able to help a dog dumped in a plastic bag. The woman from Costa Rica was walking when she heard an unusual sound coming from a dumpsite.

Anette felt there was something wrong because the plastic bag was moving when she passed by. When the woman opened the bag, there was a pooch inside. Anette could not believe what she saw with her two eyes.

However, she also felt enraged with the situation. This is because she could not understand why cruel people could do this to a defenseless dog. Anette works with the Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue as a volunteer. When she found the pooch, Anette took the pooch to the shelter. The woman then named the dog Zoey.

At the shelter, Anette and her fellow volunteers worked hard to help the pooch. Zoey was a malnourished dog, so the volunteers know it would be a challenging task for them.

Some of the volunteers believed that the dog got subjected to severe maltreatment by her previous owner. The dog was fortunate enough because Anette rescued her.

Zoey likewise suffered from iron deficiency and anemia. This became apparent when the dog got checked by a veterinarian. Despite the dog’s condition, Anette and other volunteers did not give up on her. After a few months of medication and treatment, Zoey recovered.

The positive developments for the dog, however, did not stop there. This is because Anette’s friend from Montreal, Canada, decided to adopt the pooch. The adoption became possible after Anette shared the dog’s story to her friend. The pooch traveled from Costa Rica to Canada, and it was Anette who brought her there. Anette knows that the pooch will be in safe hands and will have a better future in Canada.

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