Meet Skaya, a loveable yet very dramatic Husky.

One day, Skaya’s mom told her that she was going to the groomer which was her least favorite place in the world. So, she tried so hard to convince her mom not to go but apparently, howling and whining weren’t effective to plead her case. Even using her cute, sad eyes did not do anything at all.

But despite all the protests, Skaya was surprisingly calm when they arrived at the groomers. And so, they were able to get her ears cleaned and her nails clipped. After that, she had a quick initial brush-through inspection before she took a bath.

Skaya needed two baths and the first one was to get off all the dirt and grime from her fur using shampoo while the second wash was to get her coat to be clean, nice, and white. She was still nice and patient in her shower although there was one little whine. After the shower, Skaya was dried a bit with a towel but then came the moment that she dreaded.

She was put on the table for blow-drying.

This was the point where Skaya just went from calm to a howling husky pleading to escape. It’s important for huskies like Skaya to be fully dry after a wash to avoid the risk of developing hot spots but Skaya isn’t having any of it. And she just went on full cry-baby mode, howling and whining the whole time.

Since Skaya wasn’t backing out of cry-baby mode, they had to let her calm down a bit. So, they set her off the table for a while before getting her back on the table. But when that technique did not work, they used toys and it served as a really good distraction. Eventually, they dried her up and you can tell she was just being a drama queen.

Her fur was now everywhere and Skaya was clean and white as snow. Despite all the chaos, it was still a good and successful trip to the groomers.

Source: YouTube via Skaya Siberian


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