Rex, a gorgeous Golden Retriever, was his mom and dad’s only child. He joined them when he was just a few months old and they loved him from the moment he arrived home. He knew he’d have a magnificent life with them and he was right.

Rex got new toys all the time. He ate delicious meals and received treats often. He slept solo on a huge doggy bed, and never in his day did he ever have to compete with anyone for his parents’ attention. But that was until Eiger, his new Dalmatian brother, came home.

The dogs’ parents knew from the beginning that they wanted Rex to have a brother. They just didn’t know when to do it until they met Eiger. And while they weren’t sure how Rex would react at first, they trusted they he’d get along with his new brother in no time.

Rex was never a selfish dog. But because he was the only furbaby in their home for so long, he didn’t like the idea of sharing his possessions. His toys were his alone and he was a little agitated whenever Eiger grabbed a few of them to play with. He also hated sharing his bed because he wasn’t a huge fan of cuddling, after all.

The jealous Golden Retriever didn’t understand why his mom and dad had to bring a newcomer home. He thought that Eiger would steal them from him and that eventually, he’d replace him. But because they reassured him that they love him no matter what, he started to accept that he was surely no longer an only child.

Rex started to show that he was ok having Eiger around by grooming his little brother. Later on, he began sharing his toys with him. And the biggest surprise was when he finally started cuddling with him.

He never liked to snuggle with anyone, not even with his parents. But because Eiger loved it so much, Rex learned to enjoy it, too. He supposed it wasn’t that bad, after all.

Rex and Eiger now do everything together. They get along perfectly fine and they rarely get into a fight. They are inseparable and they are each other’s best friends.

Credits to Rex and Eiger and The Dodo

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