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Just like humans, dogs celebrate their birthdays, too. Birthdays are an important milestone in anyone’s life because it is a reminder of the day one breathes his first. This dog from Perth, Australia, is one of the luckiest dogs for having a supportive family. For more than 13 years now, Bailey D’Souza has been making the lives of his humans exciting.

According to Katie Dsouza, Bailey is an adorable pooch. The dog is known to wear a cute smile all the time. Even if there are unforeseen circumstances, the dog never wavers to radiate positivity in his immediate surroundings. Katie said that the dog is a blessing to their family. For one, the dog is their constant companion in daily life.

This is the reason why Katie’s family prepared for the dog’s 13 birthday celebration. Katie said they want to throw the most unique and memorable birthday party for the pooch. The pooch was clueless about what was to happen as Katie, and her other family members were busy with the preparation.

During the day of the celebration, Katie made sure that everything is prepared. There were only limited invitees on the dog’s birthday, but Katie made sure that all of the invited people should give something to the pooch.

Just like any other birthday celebrations, the dog’s 13th birthday began with the singing of the happy birthday song. What came next was the blowing of the candle. After blowing the candle, each of the guests gave their unique gifts to the pooch as they delivered their well-wishes for Bailey.

When Katie uploaded the video of the dog online, she did not expect that it will go viral. Commenters appreciated the gestures of Bailey’s family, and they likewise gave their well-wishes for the pooch. The video has since garnered over a hundred thousand views on Facebook.

Posted by Katie D'Souza on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Credits to Katie D’Souza.


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