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You’ve probably seen abandoned and stray dogs wandering down the streets. But have you seen one with extremely matted fur that started to look like thick “dreadlocks?” If you haven’t, your heart will surely break once you meet this dog named Abby.

Abby was a homeless dog, and she had been living on the streets for years, relying only on kind humans to feed her. Among those who helped feed her was a mobile home park resident named Joie. Joie had always maintained to keep some distance from Abby while feeding her because she wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her.

After two years of living on the streets, Abby’s life was about to change when a team of Hope for Paws rescuers came to help her. The rescuers tried to lure her by giving her a vegan burger, but it was not enough to draw her closer. So, they tried feeding her with a dog-friendly meat burger instead.

The rescuers noticed that Abby preferred the meat burger, so they laid a trail of burger pieces to see if Abby would follow it, and she did. When she was finally close, they threw a circular net over her so that they could hold her safely.

When Abby realized that the rescuers were there to help her, she allowed one of them to pet her. It was a long drive back to the Hope for Paws headquarters, but Abby remained calm the whole time. The staff at the rescue felt heartbroken when they saw the poor dog with extremely matted hair, so they started working on her right away, and it took them over an hour to finish.

After the rescuers removed all of Abby’s matted hair, they then bathed her. They also found out that Abby was suffering from an inguinal hernia, so they planned to let her undergo surgery to get it fixed. They, then, spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped her, so her transformation was indeed a lot of work.

Abby now awaits for a loving family to adopt her. Her transformation was amazing, and anyone who would see her photos and videos with still her matted fur would probably not believe that she’s the same dog.

Check the video below to see Abby’s transformation.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube


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