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If there are unsung heroes in every animal rescue operation, it would be the animal shelter’s volunteers. The volunteers are almost always at the forefront of rescue operations. But sometimes, the work that most volunteers do could be overlooked. Despite this reality, most of these volunteers do not take offense because it is their job to rescue dogs.

Although there is little to no appreciation for her job, Nancy Riley always gives her best each time she goes to a rescue operation. But apart from being a good rescuer, Nancy is also empathic to dogs in need.

During the Mother’s Day celebration in 2017, Nancy did not celebrate it with her family. Instead, she went to the LifeLine Animal Project and chose one dog to sponsor for the day.

Nancy chose Maye as the dog she wanted to spoil during that day. The first thing that Nancy did was to coordinate with other volunteers from the animal shelter. She told the head of the volunteers that she wanted to let Maye experience Mother’s Day in a different light.

Like any other dogs in the shelter, Maye also has a depressing story. Before coming to the shelter, Maye lost her litter of dogs due to an accident. This event led to her brokenheartedness and depression.

When Nancy heard about this, she knew she had to step in and make the dog feel special even for a day. Somi, her daughter, helped Nancy in this regard. The two visited the pooch at the shelter to bring her out. Maye was so excited to get out of her cage. The three then went to the Atlanta City Winery to have their lunch. Nancy chose this place because there are delicacies for dogs included in the menu. Nancy then brought Maye to Hotel Indigo, where they spent the entire day relaxing and playing.

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