Sibling rivalry can also be experienced by dogs. After all, a lot of people treat dogs like their children. Thus it’s natural for them to try and compete for their owner’s affection. Fortunately, no matter how intense a rivalry can get, siblings will love each other at the end of the day.

Minerva and Ginny’s dynamic as pet siblings is quite complicated. Minerva often drives Ginny mad with a lot of her antics. Yet despite the friction, they never had any serious fight.

Minerve was brought into the family after Ginny. She likes to invade Minerva’s personal space and demand attention. She also does weird things like drinking from sprinklers and getting herself stuck in strange places. It’s safe to say that Ginny’s peace was disturbed.

Ginny’s biggest issue with Minerva is the latter’s possessiveness. Minerva loves to steal snacks, toys, and even blankets from Ginny. Even if she gets everything she wants, Minerva will always want more.

Despite all of the issues stated above, Ginny has more things she likes about her sister. For example, whenever Minerva is calm, Ginny loves sleeping beside her. Furthermore, whenever Ginny is feeling stressed, Minerva is always there to comfort her.

Eventually, Ginny and Minerva learned how to share food and toys with each other. They also learned to enjoy the same weird habits like drinking from sprinklers. Overall, their tendency to have fun together far outweighs their tendency for rivalry.

The dynamic between these two dogs is pretty common amongst households with multiple energetic pets. It’s also worth mentioning that the owner plays a huge role in ensuring the success of their relationship too. Ginny and Minerva’s owner is always ready to step in if the sibling quarrels get out of hand.

It’s interesting to think about what Ginny would say about her sister if she could talk. Fortunately, the answer to that already exists. Find out more about Ginny’s possible thoughts by watching the short video below.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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