Animal behavior can be confusing at times. That’s what the people in a certain neighborhood thought when they found out what a cat did to five puppies from next door.

When the owner of the puppies got home one day, she was shocked to discover all five of them were gone. She looked around for them, but she couldn’t find them.

A neighbor told her she saw a cat walking by and carrying one of the puppies in its mouth. The cat, named Miss Kitty, lived in a trailer nearby. Bothered by what she heard, the puppies’ owner feared the worst for her fur babies.

She immediately went to the trailer to see for herself if the puppies were there. All the puppies were there, alright. However, they weren’t anywhere near danger. Instead, they were comfortably snuggling with the cat.

As it turned out, Miss Kitty was previously pregnant. However, she recently lost all her kittens. She would have been a first-time mom had tragedy not struck.

On the other hand, the puppies’ mother, Smoochie, didn’t seem to want anything to do with her puppies. She didn’t tend to them. She just let them roam in the yard.

Miss Kitty, seeing how her neighbor Smoochie was treating her fur babies, decided to take the puppies so she could nurse them herself. Even though she lost her kittens, Miss Kitty’s pregnancy caused her to produce milk and brought out her maternal instinct.

She saw that the puppies were being neglected by their dog mother. She took all of them to her home, where she fed and cared for them.

As for Smoochie, nobody knows why she didn’t appear to be interested in her pups. Thankfully, Miss Kitty was there to be a surrogate mother to the baby dogs.

When the owners of both Smoochie and Miss Kitty realized what was happening, they were both glad that things worked out well. Smoochie could enjoy her freedom, while Miss Kitty could enjoy her motherhood. Most importantly, the puppies would be well looked after.

Source: Facts Box via YouTube


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