Meet Django and Chloe, two adorable dogs who love traveling! A couple named Bruna and Luiz owns the pups, and they shared that it all started when they lived abroad for four years.

Bruna and Luiz are dog lovers, and they always want to own a pet. One day, they finally decided to get furbabies, and they chose two dogs so that they’ll keep each other company. Bruna chose Chloe, from Portugal, while Luiz picked Django, who came from Sao Paolo in Brazil.

Chloe and Django are different breeds, but they’re just a month apart. The couple worries that having a dog may not fit their lifestyle because they love to travel, and they need to leave the dogs behind. However, upon research, they learned that it’s entirely possible to tag their pets along in their travels.

Whenever they bring Chloe and Django to their trips, the two dogs always have priceless reactions! Even while the couple still packs for their travel, it already excites their pets when they see their pet carrier. They behave so well in the plane rides, and they enjoy every moment in the country they visited. According to Bruna, the two would run free and play restlessly.

The two charming dogs already went to seven countries — Germany, the USA, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, and Portugal. Bruna shares that Munich’s the most pet-friendly location they’ve visited. They also get to meet other pet parents on their trips and engage in conversations about dogs. Their goal is to visit New York City soon, and they look forward to bringing Django and Chloe to the big apple.

The couple also created an Instagram account of the dogs to share their adventures in different countries. They’re able to communicate with their social media followers and share stories about their canines, discuss health-related topics, travel tips, and so much more.

It’s a heartwarming feeling that Luiz and Bruna go our of their way to make sure their dogs experience the joy of traveling. It’s a costly activity, but for the couple, it’s a way of bringing back all the love their pets give them.

Source: Django & Chloe


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