Everyone who owns a pet knows exactly that dogs have a smell. Dogs’ smell is not an issue for pet lovers but for some people it can be devastating since they are not used to a dog’s scent. In addition to that, their scents leave marks on your furniture, your rugs, car seats, and clothing.

Here are some of the usual reasons for odors in your dogs:

Normal lubricants

Our pets’ conventional oils are essential for a healthier coat or hair. These oils on your pets’ coat are one of the sources of their distinctive smell. Labrador breeds generate extra oils than other dogs, that is why they are more sweet-scented as compared to others.


Our pets don’t usually sweat as we do. Their sweat glands are located in between their paws, that is why their claws send out a distinct odor.


The glands that are located in our dogs’ ears create a distinctive odor. These glands can also be found in their anus. These glands produce a carbonated scent if they become active.

Infected anal sac

If your dogs’ anal sac is infected, they will likely scratch their butts on a rough surface like your carpets. They do this to soothe the discomfort that they feel. The anal sac produces a brown, oily substance. The best way to prevent your dogs from getting this kind of illness is to give them proper exercise and a balanced diet.

Draining your dogs’ anal sac can also help. You can let your vet teach you on how you can do it the right way. If you can’t handle it, let your vet do it for you especially if it will be the first time to unload your dogs’ anal sac. In this way, your vet can inspect right away if your dogs have any other health problems.

Acid indigestion

This thing can happen if your dogs are malnourished or if they are always starving. This condition also occurs when we are giving them low-quality food like table scraps or food that contain lactose which cannot be easily digested. It is also a result of dogs eating too quickly – they will swallow some air while eating.

Oral disease

One of the causes of your dogs’ foul smelling breath is mouth infection or a dental illness. Excessive drooling can also be an effect of a swelling mouth. The strong odor of their saliva can leave a mark on their coats that is why your dogs’ fur sometimes smells odd. As fur parents, it is one of our responsibilities to take care of our dogs’ oral hygiene by cleaning their teeth often and changing their food intake to prevent dental diseases. If these conditions are getting worse, consult your vet for the right medication. He will also provide you with other recommendations that you can do to maintain your dog’s healthy oral hygiene.

Ear infection

Ears that are infected with bacteria are stinky. Even if your dogs are still in the reception area, vets can already identify the smell of infected ears. Usually, dogs who have an infected ear will likely scratch their ears and shake their heads. To prevent this problem, you need to bathe your dogs regularly and provide them with the right nutrients to maintain their healthy bodies.



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