Some dogs are struggling with mobility. It’s either because they are born with locomotion issues or they got into an accident. Regardless, the inability to move keeps dogs from living their lives to the fullest. They couldn’t run around and play properly with their owners.

Thankfully, some kind people are coming up with ways to help these dogs move again. Toby, a Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix, used to struggle but he managed to improve his locomotion after he got his own personalized wheelchair. 

Saving Toby from being put down

Toby was born with hydrocephalus, a condition where there is a buildup of fluid in the hollow spaces of his brain. As a result, his mobility, vision, and coordination were compromised. 

Because of his condition, Toby’s former owners considered putting him down. Fortunately, an animal charity called the Florida Yorkie Rescue found out about Toby. They stepped in to take care of the pup until he found the ideal home. 

Toby’s hopeful journey

The Florida Yorkie Rescue documented Toby’s journey on social media. This had caught the attention of a company called Walkin’ Pets. The said firm flew from New Hampshire to make Toby’s Christmas much more special by outfitting him with a personalized wheelchair. The assistive device was specifically designed to accommodate his unusually diminutive size. 

A few tips from Walkin’ Pets were all it took for Toby to learn how to move around quickly and efficiently using his wheelchair. In no time, he also learned how to stand on his own. 

Kit DeRoche, the founder of the Florida Yorkie Rescue, said that the custom wheelchair would help Toby build the strength of his front legs. She also said that she was optimistic about the puppy’s future. 

In the end, Kit decided to adopt Toby and turned him into a permanent member of her family. She also encouraged people to give special needs dogs a chance. 

Video Source: The Florida Yorkie Rescue via YouTube

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