After a long history of being exploited for sport, almost 8,000 Greyhounds will now have a chance to experience a better life now that Greyhound racing has been made illegal in Florida.

During the last November 2018 elections, the law now states that dog racing and betting will be made illegal by 2020. Because of this, the abuse that Greyhounds have been experiencing in these dog tracks will now finally stop.

There is a darker side to dog racing that most of its patrons don’t see. But the truth about what the dogs go through have now been put out in the open. Evidence about the dogs being drugged, confined, and injured because of this sport have been exposed and finally been put a stop to.

Florida has one of the most numbers of dog racing tracks in the country. Because of this, there is a much larger number of dogs that are exposed to harsh environments and cruelty for the amusement of some. But now, thanks to this new amendment, there won’t be any more of this happening.

Today, almost all of the dog racing tracks have already closed permanently. There are still some who are choosing to remain open until their deadline of December 2020. However, nonprofit organizations such as the AVMA has already gone into action to rescue the Greyhounds from the closed dog tracks.

They are now being given medical attention and have been brought up for adoption. They are now slowly being taken into new homes to have better lives.

Greyhounds are loving and loyal pets just like any other dogs. They deserve to have a life as happy as any other dog breed out there. Thanks to the voters, the Greyhounds from these racing tracks will have this opportunity to do so.

Check out this video to learn more about it:

Source: WPLG Local 10 | Youtube



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