A German Shepherd named Dude lived on the side of an apartment building for quite a while. No one knew about his past or where he came from, but everyone agreed he used to be someone’s dog. He looked tidy when he first showed up and he seemed people-friendly.

Kind neighbors wanted to help, so they decided to give the dog his own space. They gave him some blankets to keep him warm, a makeshift hogan to protect him from the sun and the rain, and two plastic bowls, which they regularly refilled with food and water.

Eventually,  volunteer workers of Deity Animal Rescue learned about the dog. They came to meet Dude, and in one look, they knew he had it rough for quite some time already. He needed to be out of his ordeal so they wasted no time and went to work immediately.

The rescuers made sure to take every step with precaution not because they thought Dude was aggressive but because they saw the terror in his eyes. He froze in fear when they approached him so they needed to take a step back.

Armed with a cheeseburger, the rescuers approached one more time, and Dude allowed them to get close. He accepted the food they offered and, moments later, he let them place the lead on his neck. They waited patiently as he gathered all his courage to stand up and leave his old life behind.

Dude was ready to start fresh. Even though he was definitely a little unsure at first, he decided to trust his rescuers. He took his chance with them because he believed that they won’t harm him.

The 4-year-old German Shepherd dealt with various health issues. He suffered from a bad case of kennel cough, a horrible skin infection, a double ear infection, and dental problems. He was a mess, but he got his medical clearance after a few weeks.

A couple of months after his rescue, Dude met his perfect match. He went home and started living the life he always deserved.

Credits: Deity Animal Rescue and The Dodo

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