A family had the most memorable day ever when they officially welcomed two new members into their fold. One of them was human, the other canine.

Thomas Banzhof of Temperance, Michigan made his relationship with his stepson Gabe official when he adopted the ten-year-old boy after seven years of marriage to Gabe’s mom, Jessica.

The mother of two shares that her husband has considered Gabe his son from the very beginning of their relationship.

On the same day, the Banzhof family adopted a dog named Cupid. They met the canine a few days before during a field trip called “Dogs on the Town,” which is organized by Lucas County Canine Care & Control.

Image credit: Jessica Banzhof on Facebook

Under this new, fantastic program, volunteers and potential adopters take out a dog of their choice for however long they like, whether it’s just for an hour or a whole day. The canines can go on walks, get some yummy treats, or simply relax outdoors.

What matters is that the animals get to spend some time away from the shelter. The difference is dramatic—once the pooches return to their kennel, they’re less anxious, and they’re definitely happier.

The Banzhof family, including their two other dogs, liked Cupid from the get-go. According to Jessica, the dog possessed a “sweet demeanor” that made it easy to fall in love with him.

However, the Banzhof family had to put Cupid’s adoption on hold, and Lucas County Canine Care & Control gave them 24 hours to think about whether to keep him.

Image credit: Lucas County Canine Care & Control on Facebook

Gabe decided for them. After the young man’s adoption at a courthouse in Monroe County, the family celebrated with a little lunch. When Jessica asked her son what he wanted to do next, the boy said he wanted them to adopt Cupid, too.

Gabe explains that he wants to pay his dad’s kindness forward by doing the same for Cupid. The young man even proudly showed off his adoption certificate to the shelter’s community outreach coordinator, Laura Simmons-Wark.

You can watch Gabe and Cupid’s heartwarming story in the video below:

Source: Good Morning America on YouTube

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