Finding a pet that completely gets you is the most reassuring feeling in the world. Sure, we could always get a pet for ourselves, but it’s special when we find one who’s our mini-me.

This German Shepherd named Moki is his mom inside all that fur. He understands, senses, and can predict how mom will behave on any given day.

Good boy

Yes, it could be dogs’ incredible intuitive nature; add their powerful observation skills, and you’ve got a potent combination.

Moki uses all his skills to make sure that his hooman mom’s needs are taken care of. On that day, he sensed that something was not quite right with mom, so he immediately went and gave her moral support.

Moki didn’t know what was bothering mom, or how she was feeling, but his spot-on gesture made it all better for his human mom.

It was just a simple act of placing his head next to hers, but it made all the difference. Moki didn’t have to speak to let his mom know that he’s there for her.

Aww, isn’t that the sweetest? We all need this kind of support, and if we all had one, wouldn’t it just be the best? Good boy, Moki!

Mom started stroking her fur baby’s head to let him know how thankful she is that he’s there. Moki seemed to get it, alert and ever watchful of his mom.

We’re sure that mom only got better after that cuddle-fest, and we’re raring to experience some for ourselves. We gotta get a German Shepherd for a fur baby if this is how it goes in this breed’s world.

Hats off to you, Moki; you got precisely what your mom needed to feel better. Here’s to more sweet and chill adventures together. May you both have heartwarming experiences to come!

Photo and video credits to DogLove24 via YouTube


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