Whenever I see stray dogs, I can’t help but feel sorry for them for not having a home and family to love them. If you’re a dog lover, you probably think the same way too.

In Thailand, there are more than two million stray dogs across the country. They are homeless, abandoned, and digs through trash to survive.

Because Thailand is a developing nation, there aren’t enough facilities to care for these dogs. And, the stray dogs here are skinny, sick, and starving.

The stray dogs in Thailand inspired a man named Michael Baines. Initially, Michael came to Thailand as a chef. He managed a restaurant named Carrot and is a well-known person in the Thai culinary scene.

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It wasn’t long until Michael saw a stray dog outside the restaurant he manages and cooks for. He felt sorry for it and decided to feed it. That was the beginning of what became his calling.

Michael decided to work full time to save the strays of Thailand. Now, Michael is actively rescuing stray dogs across Bangkok where there are around 300,000 stray dogs barely trying to survive.

Thanks to his effort, Michael already saved hundreds of stray dogs and even adopted some of them himself. He doesn’t only rescue homeless dogs in Thailand, but he also educates people who he thinks is the primary cause of the problem.

Michael now manages a shelter for dogs where more or less 250 dogs live. He also helps dogs with special needs and spearheaded in adding a medical clinic in the shelter to treat sick dogs.

His efforts raised money to open the clinic as well as employ a full-time veterinarian.

Thanks to Michael, the stray dogs of Thailand have a brighter future ahead of them. The shelter provides them with a roof over their heads, food, clean water, and love from Michael and his dedicated team of rescuers.

Here’s a video of Michael’s story. Thanks to his efforts, the dogs he saved are happy, healthy, and loved.

Video Source Drew Binsky via YouTube


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