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If there is someone who would understand the mental health risks of being deployed in military service, it would be someone who also experienced it. This has become the personal mission of Air Force veteran David Sharpe after he survived suicidal thoughts through the help of a pooch.

After his stint with the United States’ Air Force, Sharpe incurred a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which greatly affected his daily life. He was previously assigned in the Middle East and had to fight with Taliban sympathizers. If he would describe the feeling, Sharpe would rather forget the experiences.

Just like him, some of his other friends already retired from military service, but the memories of war remain vivid to them. Two of his closest friends could not bear it and instead took their lives. This left Sharpe very depressed and sad. According to him, there were days that he also wants to die because the stress is unbearable.

Good thing, he pulled through. Sharpe shared that Cheyenne, his dog, was instrumental for him in overcoming his suicidal thoughts. It was the dog who gave a new meaning to his life. In one of his suicidal attempts, Cheyenne stopped him. It was at this time that he got enlightened to give life a second chance.

With his positive experiences with Cheyenne, Sharpe picked up the broken pieces of his life one by one. Every step of the way, Cheyenne was present. He said he could not find the right words to thank the pooch.

Sharpe knows he also needs to help other veterans. This is why he founded the group now known as the Companions for Heroes. The group provides therapy sessions to veterans who incurred mental health-related problems after serving in the military.

From time to time, Sharpe gives inspirational messages on how he survived several depressive attempts. He always tells veterans that Cheyenne was the reason for his current life. This is Sharpe’s way of inspiring other veterans to turn to dogs whenever they are feeling down.

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