Whenever we hear the words “dog shelters,” we often think of small facilities with dogs in cages or enclosures. It’s also a place where stray, abandoned, and lost dogs temporarily stay before people claim them and provide them with forever homes.

However, some shelters can’t accommodate a lot of dogs that they end up sending the dogs that are considered unadoptable to be euthanized. This isn’t what we want to happen, and as animal lovers, we would prefer having the dogs adopted to loving families instead.

In Costa Rica, there is a unique facility where stray dogs run free. The dogs aren’t kept in individual cages or enclosures. They have acres and acres of land where they can run around and just be happy dogs.

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The facility became so popular that dog lovers from all over the world traveling to Costa Rica made it one of the places to see and visit during their time in the country. Besides, seeing thousands of dogs running free is something that will surely melt a dog lovers heart.

Called the Territorio de Zaguates or Land of the Strays in English, this no-kill shelter provides a vast 378-acre land to run around. All the dogs who end up in the shelter get named, fed, and treated if they are ill.

The shelter is just too good to be true to exist that people had to visit to see it for themselves. Skeptic visitors come out with a renewed faith in humanity after spending a day walking, running, and playing alongside the rescue dogs. The visitors are even encouraged to bring their pet dog along so they can play with the rescues.

Owned and operated by Lya Battle and her husband, Alvaro Saumet, they started with humble beginnings. They used to house rescued dogs they pick up in the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica in their backyard. The number soon became too much for their house to handle and they ended up using the vast farm owned by Battle’s grandfather.

Here’s a video on how the couple worked and dedicated their lives in rescuing strays in Costa Rica and eventually giving them an experience that all dogs deserve.

Video Source National Geographic via YouTube


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