Gregory is an adorable two-year-old homeless beagle living in the streets of Ohio. He was caught by animal control officers and brought to the local shelter.

On the outside, the stray pup looked very healthy. Although he had dirt all over his body, he had a nice coat of fur, and he was very active. But when they did an overall assessment on the dog, they discovered that he has heartworms.

He was added shortly after to the kill list.


Husband and wife Joe and Schenley Kirk are avid dog lovers that founded their own nonprofit rescue organization, which they called HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary. They operate their charity work in their home in Findlay, Ohio. When they heard George’s dilemma, they quickly came to the rescue.

Two days before Gregory was to be put to sleep, Joe went to the shelter and rescued him. The dog was so happy to go in his car and ride away to safety. Somehow, it seemed that the dog realized that he was being saved.

On the way home, George, who was sitting in the back seat, tethered, reached out to Joe. The dog’s line was just long enough for him to nuzzle his head on his rescuer’s shoulder. He even placed one of his paws on Joe’s arm, making it look like he is hugging him.

Touched by George’s gesture, Joe took out his phone and took a selfie. He then sent it to his wife.


Schenley loved the photo so much, and she quickly posted it on her Facebook account. The post became an instant hit and was shared by numerous people. Before the day ended, they already had many inquiries about Gregory. Some even seriously offered to adopt him.

But before the Kirks could have the dog adopted, they have to make sure that he is healthy. He will have to undergo treatment first. Applications have already started coming, so it is certain that he will have a forever home soon.

Source: Schenley Hutson Kirk via Facebook

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