Anand Raman was on his way to his sister’s office one sweltering morning in Dubai. Everyone was finding a place to cool down, and avoiding the harsh sun rays that were causing the streets to steam. He too was in a bit of a hurry to get to his destination, but suddenly, he saw a filthy stray dog cowering under a car.

The dog was seeking refuge in the car’s shade, eating some scraps that some people left for him. Then the dog looked up and saw Anand staring. The dog stood up and approached him like he knew Anand.

dog, white, small

The dog was friendly, wagging his tail and panting excitedly. he even became more delighted when the man started petting him. From that moment on, Anand knew that he was going home with the dog.


Anand tried to coax the dog to his car but he seemed confused. he didn’t understand that he was trying to save him. After a while, Anand scooped up the dog in his arms and carried him inside. Once they were on their way, the stray finally realized what was happening. The dog relaxed and even fell asleep in his arms.

Their first destination was to a vet. Adnan noticed that dog walked awkwardly when he first approached him. After being checked by the vet, they found out why. The stray dog’s legs were afflicted with rickets due to malnutrition. The condition was treatable so the vet prescribed medication.

They then went home after that. After a thorough cleaning, all the dirt and grime were washed away and all that was left behind waS a beautiful coat of white fur. That’s when Adnan decided to call him Snowy.

It took quite a while for Snowy to get accustomed to being a house dog. At first, he was afraid of everything. He was also scared of being dumped back in the streets. But after two months, he finally understood that he was loved and he has found his forever home.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube

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