One cannot truly appreciate a person’s worth until the moment they disappear from our lives. Most people interpret this line as expressing regret, but there is more to it than just remorse.

Perhaps, there’s another way to interpret the famous adage. Once a person we dearly love goes away, we get to realize how much their presence means to us. Thus, we try to do everything in our power to bring them back, no matter how hard or impossible the feat is.

Missing: Luke the Labrador.

Vacations are most of the time associated with happy memories. Spectacular views and fun activities make the trip memorable. However, for Janin Scharrenberg and Steffen Kagerah, their pleasant holiday became their nightmare.

July of 2017, the German blogger couple, together with their adopted dog Luke, traveled to a place in South India. Little did Janin and Steffen know that this would be the last day they’ll see their beloved pooch.

Out of the blue, a rickshaw driver took Luke, loaded the dog into the vehicle, and drove away.

The frantic couple launched a vast campaign to search for Luke. Their search attracted the attention of volunteers who helped them launch adverts on social media and newspapers. The couple even offered a 50, 000 rupee reward to anyone who finds Luke and brings him home safely.

Finally, somebody found Luke!

Three months into the search, someone finally found Luke. Vijaya Narayanan, an animal welfare worker, received a call from a concerned citizen. The concerned citizen found Luke at the beach and brought the pooch to her.

When Vijaya did a microchip scanning on the dog, the number matched with what Janin told them. Right away, she relayed to the worried couple the good news.

Finally, the day came when the German couple went to Vijaya’s house to fetch Luke. One can see in the video how happy the couple was. However, it seems Janin and Steffen weren’t the only ones excited with their impending reunion.

I missed you so much, mom and dad!

Even before the couple met Luke, one can hear in the video footage the dog’s excited barks. As the couple sat on the floor, Luke made his grand entrance.

To express how much he missed his fur parents, Luke rubbed his head on the couple affectionately while squealing and barking excitedly. The dog’s frantic tail wagging proves how happy he is with their reunion.

See for yourselves how the trio made a joyous reunion in the video below.

Video Credit: Sam Daniel Stalin via YouTube


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