A 52-year-old woman from Winnetka, Illinois had people across the country holding their breath as she led law enforcement officers on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles last May.

The suspect, named Julie Ann Rainbird, stole a motor home in Simi Valley and then began a rampage that ended in multiple injuries and damage to property. Her erratic behavior caught the attention of the police at Towsley Canyon, prompting the chase.

Rainbird sped through the San Fernando Valley, the police hot on her heels. The RV hit approximately six cars during the half-hour pursuit. At one point, the motor home even rammed into a palm tree, ripping off the passenger door.

Alarmingly, there were two mastiffs in the RV, and they turned out to be stolen as well. One of them jumped out of the broken windshield. Thankfully, the canine wasn’t run over by passing vehicles.

The other mastiff stayed with Rainbird until she finally crashed into another car at Tarzana, which ended the chase. The car’s driver sustained significant injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital while other officers ran after the suspect, who fled on foot.

A rescue organization called Foxy and the Hounds took in the two mastiffs to help them recover from the incident. Both of them had microchips, although the registered information was not updated. The dogs’ owners never showed up to claim them.

Because of the widespread attention that the story received, thousands of interested adopters emailed the shelter despite the criteria being pretty strict. The mastiffs, named Starlet and Onyx, must be adopted together, and their future owner must have experience with the breed.

Terri Fox, the president and founder of Foxy and the Hounds, had to screen so many applications that she limited the search to California. However, she received persistent emails from Oregon residents Jen Latham and Shawn Mooers, so Terri decided to give them a chance.

Jen explains that after witnessing the wild pursuit on the news, she felt that they were the perfect family for Starlet and Onyx. Indeed, she has been caring for mastiffs for more than 20 years, so the Oregon dog lover was more than qualified.

After a few weeks of careful screening, Foxy and the Hounds finally approved Jen and Shawn’s application. The couple had to drive 13 hours to Los Angeles to fetch Starlet and Onyx, but it was worth every minute.

In their new Oregon home, the mastiffs love running around their expansive backyard and taking bubble baths in their makeshift pool. Watch Starlet and Onyx’s adoption story here:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube and starletonyx1 on Instagram


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