They say that you can find someone anywhere you are in the world and during any circumstance. This saying proved to be true when it came to US Army Spc. Tyler Mosley while he was serving his deployment in Syria. While there, he was able to meet the dog that would become his family.

Rescued by chance

Daisy was a 5-month-old German Shepherd mix that a technician for explosive ordinance disposal found standing next to her dead sibling by the side of a Syrian street. The technician then rescued the little pup and brought them to their base, which was the same one that Tyler was staying.

The next day, the captain of their 7th Special Forces Group said that they would, unfortunately, have to get rid of the dog if no one was going to take her home. It was then that Tyler stepped up to volunteer and took care of her from then on. They developed a bond that was so deep that when Tyler got back home to Florida, he decided that he could not live without the doggie.

Getting reunited

With the hope of bringing Daisy home to him in Florida, Tyler reached out to the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International to help the soldier and pup get reunited. It took three whole months and some hundred dollars to make it happen. But to Tyler, it was all worth it.

Daisy traveled from Syria, stopping over at Iraq and Germany, then at New York, while getting treatment from a vet until she was finally able to touchdown in Florida to be with her beloved owner. Their heartwarming reunion was simply Tyler, kneeling on the floor, being met by Daisy as she wagged her tail. He told her that she missed him and they have been together ever since.

Check out their story here:

Source: Youtube | USA TODAY

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