Soccer has been agreed upon as the human race’s favorite sport, and by association, it should be our doggo’s favorite too. Soccer fanatics can get too crazy whenever their favorite team scores a goal, and this excitement is apparently felt by our puppers as well.

This may be hard to believe, but just take a look at this viral clip of a doggo who celebrated a goal. Maylo, is perhaps the most popular soccer fan with four legs. He is supporting his human’s favorite soccer team, Fenerbahce, a team that plays in the Turkish Super Lig, the top soccer league in the country.

Maylo’s dad, Emre Gursoy, recorded the furry fan while he watched a free kick taking place. A free kick in soccer is a kick that cannot be impeded by the opposing team. This kind of kick usually leads to a goal, and that is exactly what happened in this adorable viral video.

Maylo can be seen wearing a Fenerbache scarf around his neck to show his full support to their beloved team. On the television, you could see the players getting ready for the free kick, not too far from the goal. When the Fenerbache player kicked the ball, it went in and for some reason, Maylo celebrated!

The excited doggo stood up on his two hind legs and started barking. Maylo was also wagging his tail like crazy and he was waving his front paws as if he was doing a little doggie dance. Emre shared that his pupper also does this when Maylo sees his human getting excited.

Perhaps the pooch could sense the excitement in the soccer players that’s why he joined in on the celebration after the goal. Whatever the case is, it’s still a delightful clip that would make anyone’s day. See Maylo celebrating Fenerbache’s goal in the clip below.

Credits: Caters Clips

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