When we’re weary, nothing can make us get up from our peaceful slumber. We feel so tired that our exhausted bodies prevent us from taking note of what’s happening in our surroundings.

Yet, one fur parent uses the lure of food to wake its snoozing pup. Though the puppy’s tired from an energetic activity, it can’t resist the idea of munching on a delectable snack.

Hey, bud, wake up!

In this funny yet incredible footage, one can initially see a white-furred puppy lying on the floor. With the way the pup positions itself, it seems the little canine’s taking a peaceful nap.

For the next few seconds, the adorable dog carries on with its relaxing slumber until its fur parent decides to wake it. Thus, fur parent starts shaking the pup’s body to awaken it.

Yet, no matter how hard fur parent shakes the little doggo, its eyes remain shut. Even if fur parent puts more pressure on the dog’s abdomen while shaking it, the pup merely curls up and continues with its blissful wandering into dreamland.

Ooh! Is that food?

By the looks of it, the white puppy’s too tired to wake up as it persistently ignores its fur parent. As soon as the little canine assumed a curled-up position, it immediately resumes its nap.

While the dog’s blissfully unaware of its surroundings, fur parent changes strategy. Without wasting any second, fur parent reaches out for a pack of biscuits lying on the sofa and slowly brings it towards the sleeping puppy.

Yet, instead of doling it out to the snoozing pup, fur parent starts crinkling the biscuit’s wrapper to produce a crisp sound. Do you think fur parent’s ingenious idea woke the sleepy doggo? Continue watching the video footage below to find out.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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