It was a friendship 60 years in the making.

An elderly woman had heart surgery in 1954. Six decades after, she met a dog that needed the same procedure and she felt an instant connection with him. She helped the dog get the costly surgery, and after that, she welcomed him to her home.

Save his life

Bruno is a street dog that was rescued in Spokane, Washington. He was brought to the Spokane Humane Society, a local non-profit organization, where he stayed until a foster or an adoptive family could be found for him.

Most dogs that are brought to the shelter are taken to their vet to check on their health. And there they discovered that Bruno suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a heart condition that involved a heart vessel between the lower chamber of the heart and the main pulmonary artery.

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The vessel failed to close after birth, and this resulted in a heart murmur. The only way to save the poor dog’s life was to have surgery. And a complicated procedure like this can cost thousands of dollars.

The shelter took to their Facebook page and shared Bruno’s plight. They asked for donations to help pay for the life-saving operation.

This is where a friend of Sue Blankenship from Newman Lake learned about Bruno and shared it with her. Upon hearing the story, Sue suddenly felt a kinship with the sick dog. She is familiar with what he is going through as she had the same surgery 60 years before.

Sue donated to the cause and even started calling on her friends and family to do the same. She got concerned about the dog and would often visit their website and Facebook Page to see if there was any progress.

Luckily, the operation was successful, and Bruno was on the way to recovery. At that point, Sue knew that she wanted to adopt the dog. She already felt that they had a connection. This was confirmed when they first met.

Bruno jumped at the fence when he saw her, and from then on, they were family.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube


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