Shelter dogs are some of the most unfortunate creatures on Earth. They are victims of irresponsible breeding, abandoned without much chance for a better life. Thankfully, there are people who have devoted time and effort in support of the dogma that shelter dog lives matter.

One of these kind-hearted humans goes by the name Maisie Green. She is an 89-year old elderly citizen of the United Kingdom. Maisie toiled for hundreds of hours to knit 450 blankets for shelter pups.

Maisie’s goal was simple. That is to keep shelter dogs warm and comfy during the cold winter season. Staying inside a small kennel is difficult as it is and cold weather makes it extra hard, hence Maisie’s efforts.

Knitting blankets for dogs was not Maisie’s idea per se. It was an initiative pushed by UK’s Dog Trust, which they posted on Facebook. They called for knitting aficionados to take part in the project as volunteers.

As soon as Maisie learned about the project, she did not think twice about participating. She knew she loves knitting. And more importantly, she has the softest heart for dogs.

According to Maisie, it takes her one day to knit a doggy coat and three days for a doggy blanket. Now just imagine the number of hours she’d devoted knitting all those 450 blankets. It’s a show of unrivaled dedication and love.

Maisie’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. After social media learned about what she’d been doing in the past three years, they were quick to shower the old woman with praises and well wishes. Each and every one of them is well-deserved, to say the least.

Shelter dogs do not deserve the dire situation they are in. They are a result of irresponsible human practices. It’s nice to hear stories such as Maisie’s, which inspires all of us to do our part to address this problem.

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