Service dogs are essential in today’s society especially with the increasing number of people are born or develops disabilities. With a service dog, people with disabilities can live more independently and gain a loyal companion and friend for life.

This story is about a guide dog who gave birth to a litter of puppies right in the middle of the departure lounge in Tampa International Airport.

A woman and her daughter were bound to fly to Philadelphia. They were with two service dogs that serve as guide dogs. They were named Ellie and Nugget.

The owners knew that Ellie was pregnant. However, they didn’t know how far along her pregnancy was.

When the airline called for boarding, the owner of the dogs was puzzled why Ellie wouldn’t move and that she was whimpering. Eleanor suddenly lied down on the airport carpet in the pre-departure lounge and refused to budge.

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It suddenly became clear to the owner that Ellie was going into labor. She did this right in the middle of the gate. Tampa Fire Rescue was called in on the scene and airport passengers, who were usually in a hurry, slowed down and even stopped to witness the miracle happen.

Thanks to the fast thinking and action of Larry Glanton and Natalie Brown who were members of the rescue team, Ellie gave birth to eight healthy puppies. The crowd and the owners of the dog were filled with joy.

Nugget, the new doggie dad also brimmed with happiness when he became a dad of seven boys and a girl.

Even though the owner, her daughter, Ellie and Nugget along with the new family addition missed their flight, they were still happy about what happened. Besides, as a dog lover, I would be glad if my dog gave birth to eight cute and cuddly puppies.

Here’s a video of Ellie’s birth in the middle of the airport pre-departure lounge in Tampa, Florida. Once you see the puppies, it will surely leave you smiling.

Video Source Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay via YouTube


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